Film, Television and Live Show Casting

From time to time, Animal Stars is asked to provide or co-ordinate animals for film, television, shows or promotions. 

We don’t promote ourselves as a casting agency to dog owners, however production houses and other groups do contact us regularly to supply animals for their productions.  Those dogs that train with us or dogs we feel have achieved a good level of obedience and have an ability to perform are put into our casting book for no charge.

Animal Stars can source, train and co-ordinate different domestic and native animals for film and television and has a large database of reliable contacts.

Some of our TV and film credits include:

“The Great Raid”  (Feature Film – horses, goats, dogs, pigs, chickens, ducks)
“Paperback Hero”  (Feature Film – Hugh Jackman – Hero dog)
“Mr Reliable” (Feature Film – Colin Friels – Hero dog)
“The Midday Show”  (TV Series - dogs)
“Hey-Hey It’s Saturday” (TV Series - dogs)
“Jeopardy.” (Children’s TV – goanna, dog)
“Troppo”  (Telefilm – crocodiles)
“Paradise Beach” (TV Series – feature dog)
“Totally Wild” (Children’s TV - dogs)
TV Shows, Promotions and Commercials
"Better Homes and Gardens" (animal casting)

Some or our Live Show Credits include:

  • At Warner Bros Movie World:
         The Animal Actors Stage Show (Head Trainer – all domestic animals)
         The Maverick Grand Illusion Show
         The Western Action Stunt Show

  • Koala Town:
         The Aussie Outback Show (horses)
         OZ Circus (dogs and ponies)
         Sheep, Reptile and Koala presentations

  • Andalusia Park:
         Dancing Horse Show (horses)
         Nursery Show (all domestic animals)
         Numerous demonstrations for the RSPCA, various charity shows,
         Agricultural shows and “Bandaid and the Performing Dogs”.

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